Vasago anime
Name Vasago
Kanji バサゴ
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupations UQ Holder Member
First Appearance Chapter 6
Episode 2
Voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese)
Bryson Baugas (English)
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Vasago (バサゴ, Basago) is one of the Immortals and a member of UQ Holder.

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UQ Holder arcEdit

As Yukihime and her disciples continue their travels, a convoy of cars bars their way, with Vasago getting out of one of the cars and greeting Yukihime. The female vampire is annoyed for being called 'madam', but Vasago blames the Japanese descent of the immortals.[1] The group joins Vasago on their way to the UQ Holder base. Vasago reveals that the location of the base is 10 km off the coast of New Tokyo. While Touta is amazed at the fact that the hideout is basically a hot springs inn, Vasago reports to Yukihime that everyone has gathered. While Yukihime deals with the 'welcome party', Touta faces some difficulties making friends, as Vasago states that they never said anything about becoming comrades. He is scolded for his words by Gengorou Makabe who arrives to greet the guests.[2]


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