As everything else, this place would fall appart without a good set of regulations, so these exist to make sure that the content of this site remains high quality:

  • Most importantly, a usage of proper English is required. Furthermore, articles should be written in present tense (there are exceptions such as the History section) and in-universe form.
  • When creating an article, please use an infobox. If there's one that needs updating or is completely missing, feel free to contact me and we'll sort it out.
  • Always add a reference to the information you add into the article so we can be sure that you haven't made it up. This can be done by adding <ref>UQ Holder! Manga: Chapter X, Pages Y-Z</ref> and then inserting the <references/> tag at the end of the article. An example of the referenced article can be viewed here.
  • All images uploaded into the wiki should be of .png format, should have a proper file name describing the image (so no gibberish) and should contain the Fair Use Rationale and Licensing for legal reasons. An example of the image following these can be viewed here.
  • All UQ Holder! manga images should have their speech bubbles cleared of their text as they are meant to serve as illustrations in the articles.
  • All images containing UQ Holder! characters should have an Images of Character Name category added to them and they should be inserted into respective image galleries in chronological order.
  • As we want to respect Mangastream's wishes not to reupload their scans anywhere else, we prefer to use the scans of UQ Holder! RAW Japanese volume instead. Please tag any image that does not follow this with the "Needs Replacement by RAW" category. This also goes for the images that are of RAW, but not of appropriate quality due to LQ (magazine) scans.
Talk Page & Others
  • When posting on a talk page, always sign your posts with ~~~~ so we know who is talking.
  • Talk pages of articles are meant for discussing changes to the articles, for anything else, use blogs.
  • Be nice, rude behavior and meaningless arguments are never the way ;)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

Your admin, Miskos3