UQ Holder
Yukihime talks about UQ Holder
Name UQ Holder
Kanji UQホルダー
Rōmaji Yūkyū Horudā
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Leader Yukihime
Purpose A Shelter for Immortals

UQ Holder (UQホルダー Yūkyū Horudā?) is an organization in the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu.


UQ Holder was an organization founded by Fate Averruncus, Negi Springfield and Yukihime. The members of it are outcasts who are either non-humans or have some form of immortality that makes it impossible to live in normal society. In addition, there multiple branches around the world. UQ Holder helps others for a reasonable fee, or should a threat to the world be present they will act as a force to fight against it.

They also take it upon themselves to either police or eliminate other immortals that cause problems for humans to prevent immortal hunters from using it as an excuse to hunt them down.

Structure Edit

UQ Holder is structured in a manner similar to the Yakuza or Mafia, with non-immortals having a lower rank while Immortals are "Numbers". Both are paid for jobs that they do, whether cleaning or fighting, and you can advance in rank to an extent depending on how hard you work.


Image Name Status Position
Yukihime Yukihime Active #1
Jinbei square Jinbei Shishido Active #2
Karin square Karin Yuuki Active #4
Gengorou Gengorou Makabe Active #6
Touta square Touta Konoe Active #7
Nikitis Laps Nikitis Laps Active #8
Kirie Kirie Sakurame Active #9
Ikkuu Ameya Ikkuu Ameya Active #10
Kuroumaru Kuroumaru Tokisaka Active #11
Santa Sasaki Santa Sasaki Active #12
Juuzou Shishimi Juuzou Shishimi Unknown #?
Sept Shichijuurou Nanao Sept Shichijuurou Nanao‎ Unknown #?
Vasago square Vasago Active UQ Executive
Sabu Sabu Active N/A
Zenki Zenki Active N/A