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This page contains events that happen in the timeline of UQ Holder. For events that happened during the timeline of Mahou Sensei Negima please see this page.

  • Events that happen only in the "Prime" world line are marked in Green.
  • Events that stated to happen in Negima that don't contradict with UQ Holder but aren't shown onscreen are marked in Orange.
Date Events
After an attempt of suicide, for betraying his master, Karin Yuuki discovers she had become immortal.

Around Year 686
After eating the flesh of a mermaid, Jinbei Shishido becomes an immortal.

Around Year 718
After drinking an elixir, Juuzou Shishimi becomes an immortal.

Around Year 1280
Jinbei Shishido meets Juuzou Shishimi and becomes his teacher.

Year 1386
Evangeline A.K. McDowell is born.

Year 1396
Evangeline A.K. McDowell is taken away from her birth family at the age of 10 and turned into a vampire by Mage of the Beginning, with her family killed shortly after.

Year 1492
Evangeline A.K. McDowell and Karin Yuuki defeats a powerful wizard.

In the same castle, a noble vampire named Baal appears.

Jinbei Shishido helps his companions to escape.

Year 1518
  • Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Karin Yuuki and Jinbei Shishido hunt down Baal in the Magic World.
  • Peace is ensured in the Old World through diplomacy.
  • Evangeline A.K. McDowell receives the moniker of "Demon Queen"
Year 1638 Karin Yuuki is trapped in the World Tree by Baal.
Around Year 1789 Juuzou Shishimi frees Karin Yuuki from the World Tree
Year 1945 August 6: Jinbei Shishido obtain his Switcheroo power.
Year 1988 June 30: Sayoko Minase is born.
Year 1993
Year 2001 Ikkuu Ameya is born.
Year 2003 September 23: Sayoko Minase dies at age 15.
Year 2004
Asuna Kagurazaka is sealed on Inverse Mars for 100 years in order to maintain its stability until the completion of project Blue Mars.
Class 3-A graduate from Mahora middle-highschool.

UQ Holder World

Negi accepts Nodoka Miyazaki and Yue Ayase's request of making Formal Pactio with him, making them immortals.

Prime World

Negi rejects Nodoka Miyazaki and Yue Ayase's love confession and confesses to Chisame Hasegawa, but is rejected in return as Chisame doesn't want Negi to throw away his future for her.
After 2004
People of Inverse Mars erect statues of Negi and his companions in honor for them saving the planet from Ialda and her disciples.

Year 2006
Sayoko Minase begins to gather the spirits of people who commited suicide.

The intermitent murder cases in Amano-Mihashira Academy City starts.

Year 2009

Prime World

After 2009
Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki are married and went on a space expedition, exploring the universe.

Year 2014

UQ Holder World

Ikkuu Ameya falls into a comatose state at age 13.

Prime World

After five years of trials and tribulations, Negi and Chisame finally marry with the blessing of everyone. Nagi and Evangeline also marry as well.

Year 2025
Nodoka, Yue, Rakan, and Alberio are all assimilated into Ialda's body. Koyomi is killed when she tries to use her Artifact to protect Fate, while Chisame dies protecting Negi from Ialda's attack.

After 2025
Negi travels over the world for the next 40 years to improve people's life and increase acknowledgement in magic, with Ayaka Yukihiro providing assistant with connection and her Pactio power when dealing with political figures.

Evangeline is freed from Infernus Scholasticus curse, presumably by Negi.

Year 2056 Albireo Imma abandons his hideout under Fairyland Hall, leaving behind the Gravity Blade.
Year 2059 Gengorou Makabe appears in Amano-Mihashira City, where he distinguishes himself in the underworld.[1]
Year 2065
Negi approves cloning project of himself to finish the task of defeating Ialda after he is taken by her.

Second Battle against Ialda Baoth takes place on Saturn.

June 12: Negi Springfield allegedly dies at age 72.

December 21: Santa Sasaki is born.

Year 2066~2067
Year 2067
Gengorou Makabe is defeated by Jinbei Shishido. They eventually exchange a vow of brotherhood.[1]

Year 2070~2071
Kirie Sakurame discovers her Reset & Restart power after repeatedly dying from starvation due to her parents' neglect, and runaways from home to survive on the street.

Year 2070
Evangeline A.K. McDowell founds UQ Holder.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell reunite with Karin Yuuki.

Year 2072 Kuroumaru Tokisaka is born.
Year 2075
Honoka Konoe and Isana Konoe are born.

After 2075
Tsukuyomi Iwai takes Isana as her disciple in the art of swordsmanship as a favor to the girl's grandmother Setsuna Sakurazaki.

Honoka and Isana inherit the Great Paru-sama, a heirloom from their grandmothers from their friend Haruna Saotome.

Year 2078 June 17: Santa Sasaki dies at age 12.
Year 2079 Tena Vita escapes from the cloning experiments.
Year 2079~2080
Kirie Sakurame obtain her immortality at age 12.

Kirie Sakurame stops aging at age 13.

Year 2082 Touta Konoe is born as a clone of Negi Springfield in Amateru Industrial secret laboratories.

January: Kuroumaru Tokisaka take part in an Immortalization Curse as a test subject and becomes an immortal.

Year 2084
July 27: Touta Konoe's parents dies in an assassination attempt. Touta is adopted by Evangeline who now goes the name Yukihime.
Touta enrolls at a countryside school and becomes friend with Mihashi, Shiraishi, Nikumaru, and Nowa, while Evangeline gets hired as a teacher.
Year 2086
Ikkuu Ameya wakes from his coma with a full mechanical body.

Ikkuu Ameya complete the entry exam after 4 months and becomes a UQ Holder member.

Touta and friends try to ambush and defeat Evangeline in order to go to the Capital, but fail.
Tachibana, Evangeline's co-worker, reveals his identity as a bounty hunter who is after her for the ¥600 million bounty. Touta unleashes his power as an immortal for the first time and defeats Tachibana to save his friends.
Touta and Evangeline leave the countryside and journey to the Capital.
Kuroumaru is tasked by his brother Kiroumaru to assassinate Evangeline, with failure being his exile. Unknown to Kuroumaru, Kiroumaru plans for them to be taken under Evangeline's wing for their own protection, due to Kuroumaru holding the power of immortal-killing sword Hina-Mori inside them. As Kuroumaru fails in the task, they join up with Touta and Evangeline.

Dana Ananga Jagannatha, Evangeline's former master, pays a visit to her. Taking a like to Touta's ambition, she "abducts" him to her castle within the rift to train him in the art of immortal, along with inviting Kuroumaru, Santa, Kirie, Ray, and Laszlo for a stay during the training.
Dana put Touta to train in separating the power of Black Venus and Mars Album within him, Kuroumaru to improve his immortality power, Santa to improve his necromancy, and Kirie to master many high-level spells and become a powerful mage.
After 8 months, Touta and friends successfully complete Dana's basic training, improving their abilities in the process. They leave her castle and return to the headquarter.
Shinobu Yuuki and Mizore Yukihiro arrives at the Fairy Hall. Shinobu gets hired as one of the staff while Mizore stays as a guest.
Year 2087
Touta has provisional contract with Kuromaru, Karin, Mizore, Shinobu, Ikkuu, Santa, and Kirie, granting them Pactio Cards and Artifacts.
Year 2088
Touta goes on a date with Mizore and Shinobu before heading off to fight against the Mage of the Beginning, promising to come back and go to college with them.
An outbreak of Baal's virus that puts people into coma begins.
The UQ Holder leave for the Orbit Station in prepare for space training and attend the welcome party.
Baal arrives and attacks the party, resulting in death of 2,772 people with unknown amount missing. The UQ Holder manages to defeat Baal and is forced to fuse Touta into the World Tree to stabilize the almost destroyed orbital ring to prevent the planted virus within it to fall down onto the Earth.
During or after 2088
Yukihime arrives at Pluto to battle the Mage of the Beginning. Her effort delays Cosmo Entelecheia for several more decades.

Baal's virus spreads throughout the entire Earth.

Kuroumaru, Jenbei, Juuzou, Gengorou, and Sept survive the attack fall/flee back to Earth together/individually. The five eventually reunite and stage their death to throw off Baal's assassins by hiding in the rift while continue to search for the remaining members for the next 40 years.
Santa is exorcised by the demons and is almost sent to the afterlife, but is saved by Jinbei who seals him in a Jizo statue.
Ikkuu survives the attack by uploading his consciousness into the internet, but is eventually overwhelmed by Baal's virus and turned into his servant, tasked by Baal to moniter the Earth for any other surviving members.
Shion Nagumo passes away, with his teleportation device inherited by Jinbei.
Year 2097
Kengo "Mihashi" Mitsuhashi succumbs to Net Bug Virus and passes away.

Year 2104
Due to the projection of her spirit went with Negi to stall Ialda, Asuna sleeps far longer than planned for 30 years.

Ayaka passes away at 115 years old.

Year 2108
Shiraishi succumbs to Net Bug Virus and passes away.

Year 2113
Jinbei and a few survivors discover Negi's last workshop and ship hidden within the rift, which they plan to use it to follow Yukihime to Pluto. They continue to search for the still missing Touta.

Year 2131
March: Touta Konoe appears in Nigeria, Africa, with his memories lost. The amnesiac Touta goes by the name of Toyota and takes up a job as a construction worker.
July: Touta Konoe recovers his memory. Agali Arept comes to hunt him, revealing to him that every member of UQ Holder has been eliminated.
November: Touta Konoe awakens four months later after defeating Agali Arept.
Year 2133
June: Touta Konoe travels the world looking for his friends and arrives at Jakarta.
In the aftermath of the battle with Baal's underlings, Touta reunites with Jinbe and the survivors and heads to the rift and to their new base within the ship.


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