Date Events
??? After an attempt of suicide, for betraying his master, Karin Yuuki discovers she had become immortal.
Around Year 686 After eating the flesh of a mermaid, Jinbei Shishido becomes an immortal.
Year 1386 Evangeline A.K. McDowell is born.
Year 1386 Evangeline A.K. McDowell at age 10 is turned into a vampire.
Year 1492
Year 1988 June 30: Sayoko Minase is born.
Year 2001 Ikkuu Ameya is born.
Year 2003 September 23: Sayoko Minase dies at age 15.
Year 2006
  • Sayoko Minase begins to gather the spirits of people who commited suicide.
  • The intermitent murder cases in Amano-Mihashira Academy City starts.
Year 2014 Ikkuu Ameya falls into a comatose state at age 13.
Year 2020 The Orbit Elevator construction is finished.
Year 2065
  • Second Battle against Ialda Baoth takes place on Saturn.
Year 2066~2067 Kirie Sakurame is born.
Year 2072 Kuroumaru Tokisaka is born.
Year 2075 Honoka Konoe and Isana Konoe are born.
Year 2078 June 17: Santa Sasaki dies at age 12.
Year 2079 Tena Vita (Cutlass) escapes from the cloning experiments.
Year 2079~2080 Kirie Sakurame stops aging at 13 years.
Year 2082 Touta Konoe is born as a clone of Negi Springfield in Amater Industrial secret laboratories.

January: Kuroumaru Tokisaka take part in an Immortalization Curse as a test subject and becomes an immortal.

Year 2084 July 27: Touta Konoe's parents dies.
Year 2086
  • Ikkuu Ameya wakes from his coma with a full mechanical body.
  • Ikkuu Ameya complete the entry exam after 4 months and becomes a UQ Holder member.