Tsukuyomi Iwai
Iwai anime
Name Tsukuyomi Iwai
Kanji 祝 月詠
Romaji Iwai Tsukuyomi
Status Alive
Gender Female
Occupations Ala Alba Member
First Appearance Chapter 37
Episode 7
Voiced by Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)
Jessica Calvello (English)
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Tsukuyomi Iwai (祝 月詠 Iwai Tsukuyomi?) is a Shinmei-ryū swordswoman and a member of the world-saving team, Ala Alba.


During her first appearance, Tsukuyomi is shown to be wearing clothes similar to that of a waitress or a housemaid, which consist of a dark colored long attire, a tiara-like piece of clothing on top of her head, an apron covering her waist and shoes with heels. She sports long, unfastened hair of light color, however, her most prominent feature is her eyes, as her scleras are of a dark color. She bears name, design, and fighting style similarities to the Negima! character Tsukuyomi.



Tsukuyomi gives off a rather ominous vibe, not hesitating to fool her enemies with her appearance in order to perform a sneak attack. She's seen to be sporting an evil grin most of the time.[1][2][3] However, when necessary, Tsukuyomi is ready to face her opponent head-on, introducing herself before charging to battle.[3]


Imprison Fate arcEdit

Tsukuyomi appears for the first time at Heaven's Pillar to stop Ikkuu Ameya from activating the satellite cannon.[1] However, she fails as Kuroumaru appears, throwing several blades at her which immobilize her with lightning.[2] She then approaches Ikkuu one more time, however, he deflects her attack. Tsukuyomi praises him for that and after they introduce themselves to each other, they get ready for battle.[3]


  • Shinmei-ryū Swordswoman: Tsukuyomi has stated to be self-taught this style of swordplay, wielding a pair of blades. The true extent of her abilities is unknown as of now, however, she's been shown to effortlessly deflect the blades thrown at her by Kuroumaru.[2][3]
  • Full Conversion Cyborg: During their fight Ikkuu Ameya identifies Tsukuyomi as a full conversion cyborg, similar to himself. Exactly what capabilities this grants her are not made clear, other than presumably heightened physical abilities. Whether or not she shares his degree of scientific immortality is unknown.


Opponent Result
Tsukuyomi vs Ikkuu Interrupted

(i) - Interrupted/Incomplete


  • Similar to the original Tsukuyomi of Negima and Tsuruko Aoyama of Love Hina, her sclera turn black and her iris and pupil become incandescent white when entering a murderous state.


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