Name Tachibana
Romaji Tachibana
Status Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupations Bounty Hunter
Teacher (Former)
First Appearance Chapter 1
Episode 1
Voiced by Fuminori Komatsu (Japanese)
Adam Noble (English)
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Tachibana (橘, Tachibana) is a former teacher that was actually a bounty hunter. He worked with Yukihime for six months in order to get close to her. After he was defeated by Touta Konoe, his whereabouts and status are unknown.


Tachibana has dark spiky hair with specticles, he also sports a suit with a dark and light striped tie.


Tachibana is a patient man, content to wait six months for evidence of Yukihime being Evangeline. He was manipulative and showed that he had no qualms about killing witnesses to capture her, believing that survival of the fittest was what mattered, not anything else. He mocks the concept of love as well.


UQ Holder arcEdit

Tachibana approaches Touta and his friends and gives them Magic Apps so that they can best Yukihime. When Touta can't use the apps, he gives him to give a bracelet to Yukihime. The next day he waits until they have her bound before attacking them all, severing Touta's arms and telling him how people like him only exist to be preyed upon. When Yukihime defends him, he cuts her to pieces and then stabs Touta a final time. He's knocked out by Touta afterwards before he could kill his friends.


Tachibana is a swordsman who utilizes magic, having an assortment of magic apps that he gave to Touta's friends in an effort to kill Yukihime.


  • Incinerate: He used this spell to burn away Touta's arm, causing it to regenerate.