UQ Holder! Manga series is broken into several story arcs. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc's plot and the chapters they comprise.

Please note that none of the following arc names are canon.

UQ Holder arcEdit

UQ Holder arc

The first story arc of the UQ Holder! series. The main protagonist, Touta Konoe, along with his mentor, Yukihime, ventures into the world after becoming immortal. On his way, he meets and befriends Kuroumaru Tokisaka. They eventually reach the base of UQ Holder, an organization of Immortals. Can Touta and Kuroumaru pass the test and become members???

Volume: 1, 2
Number of Chapters: 11

The First Mission arcEdit

The First Mission arc

The second story arc of the UQ Holder! series. Touta and Kuroumaru finally head on their first job as UQ Holder members, accompanied by Karin. Their mission is to protect the slums and the children there. However, powerful enemies bar their way - the Immortal Hunters.

Volume: 2, 3, 4
Number of Chapters: 19

Imprison Fate arcEdit

Imprison Fate arc

The third story arc of the UQ Holder! series. Touta finally arrives at the base of Heaven's Pillar. However, there is a danger lurking around, seemingly connected to one of the UQ Holder numbers, Kirie Sakurame and a former friend of Touta's grandfather, Fate Averruncus.

Volume: 4,5
Number of Chapters: 12

Investigation arcEdit

Investigation arc

The fourth story arc of the UQ Holder! series. Touta's desire to train is halted by Yukihime - she gives him a job to investigate a dangerous immortal. Together with Kuroumaru, Karin and Ikkuu, they are to infiltrate a private boarding school in order to recruit him.

Volume: 5,6
Number of Chapters: 19

Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit

Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Arc

The fifth story arc of the UQ Holder! series.

Volume: TBA
Number of Chapters: TBA