Shaba Gyurei
Shaba anime
Name Shaba Gyurei
Kanji 牛冷 娑婆
Romaji Gyūrei Shaba
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupations Ala Alba Member
First Appearance Chapter 38
Episode 8
Voiced by Hideyuki Umezu
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Shaba Gyurei (牛冷 娑婆 Gyūrei Shaba?) is a sword-wielding priest contracted with the Ala Alba team.


Shaba takes on the appearance of a Buddhist monk. He has a big body, huge nose and eyebrows, and sports a beard. His attire consists of loose clothing, a traditional japanese hat and sandals. Shaba wears a big necklace and is seen carrying a monk staff with him.


Not much is known about his personality, but true to his appearance of a priest, Shaba spoke about a troubled soul of an immortal while asking Karin to tell him what bothers her, however, he was seen sporting a wicked expression at that time, so the honesty of his words is questionable.[1]


Imprison Fate arcEdit

Shaba appears to battle the numbers as they are escaping from Fate Averruncus.[2] He then attempts to strike Karin with his monk staff, however, she parries the attack and the two then face each other, with Karin stating that she needs no life counseling from Shaba as the latter asks her to tell him about her problems.[1]


  • Khakkhara: Shaba is seen using a monk staff in battle against Karin, although not much is known about its capabilities.[1]


Opponent Result
Shaba VS Karin Interrupted

(i) - Interrupted/Incomplete


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