Ruki anime
Name Ruki
Kanji ルキ
Romaji Ruki
Status Alive
Gender Male
First Appearance Chapter 13
Episode 4
Voiced by Sachi Kokuryū (Japanese)
Shannon Emerick (English)
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Ruki is a young boy and the inhabitant of the New Tokyo Slums.




The First Mission arcEdit

Ruki appears for the first time after the arrival of Touta and his companions to the slums. When Sister Myao calls the children for lunch, he, along with the rest of the kids, lines up for the meal. Afterwards, Ruki and his friends notice Touta, calling him "that explosion guy", excited to see Magic with their own eyes.[1] Later, when Karin manages to defeat the attacker, Ruki and the rest of the inhabitants applaud her for it.[2] He is then present as Touta and Kuroumaru wrestle.[3]

Ruki then appears one more time after Touta begins his "training" of Instant Movement Technique, using his feet instead of hands. Ruki is excited to see this and decides to join him.


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