Ray Chikage
Ray Chikage
Name Ray Chikage
Kanji 千景・レイ
Romaji Chikage Rei
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupations Magic App Developer
First Appearance Chapter 69

Ray Chikage (千景・レイ Chikage Rei?) is a Magic App Developer who runs a Junk Shop alongside Afro.


He is an adult male confined to a wheel chair.


Ray has a friendly demeanor, supportive of Laszlo and welcoming of Touta when he first arrived. He's considered a genius who studied magic techniques of Inverse Mars and states that his apps wouldn't lose out to the magical military corps.


Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit

He appears when Afro brings Touta to his Junk Shop, and then observes a battle between both of them as a demonstration of some of the magical applications that they developed. When they try to give Touta a manaphone so he can use magic apps, he proves to be incompatible.


He is a self-proclaimed Magic App developer.