Kanji 魔法
Rōmaji Mahō
Type Fighting Style
Known Users Humans, Immortals

Magic (魔法 Mahō) is one of the forms of combat utilized by the characters of the UQ Holder! universe.


Ten years ago, the world became aware of the existence of Magic. In spite of that, a Magic user is still rare, especially in the countryside. While it is unknown how one can attain the ability to use Magic, it is implied that it can be learnt, as Yukihime was asked to teach the boys about it. Recently, normal people have become capable of using Magic through the Magic Apps, however, as of now, they're still quite expensive.[1]

Known Magic and SpellsEdit


Magic that hasn't been given any category.

Magic AppsEdit

See Magic App page

Ancient MagicEdit

While the true extent of this Magic is unknown as it has been seen performed by Yukihime only briefly, it appears to be extremely powerful, as Kuroumaru could confirm that Yukihime is the feared Evangeline thanks to her using it. Furthermore, the usage of this Magic is currently impossible through Magic Apps.[2]

Ice Magic:

Earth Magic:

Lightning Magic:

Fire Magic:


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