Jinbei Shishido
Jinbei anime
Name Jinbei Shishido
Kanji 宍戸 甚兵衛
Romaji Shishido Jinbei
Status Alive
Age 1400+
Gender Male
Occupations UQ Holder #2
First Appearance Chapter 7
Episode 3
Voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya (Japanese)
Jay Hickman (English)
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Jinbei Shishido (宍戸 甚兵衛, Shishido Jinbee) is an immortal and member #2 of UQ Holder.


Jinbei's scars

Jinbei's scars

As an immortal, Jinbei hasn't aged ever since he acquired his immortality, remaining the same as always, a young man with spiky red hair, tied in a long ponytail, with an average muscular build, and always has a carefree smile on his face.

In his first appearance, Jinbei wore a large cloak to cover his body, wearing a sedge hat, he also had stubble around his chin. Due to his immortality being weak, Jinbei has several scars on his chest as a result, in various sizes and locations, which he received throughout his life.

When he returned in the First Mission Arc, Jinbei wore a "Famous Store" employee uniform, complete with a name tag, along with having shaved his face.


At first, Jinbei is seen as an easy going and laid back individual, even taking the entire situation of him stuck in the underground labyrinth as nothing to worry about. His perception of time has been noted to be very different than normal people, first seen when he casually mentions he was sitting in the same spot for a year, much to Touta and Kuroumaru's shock.


Not much is known about Jinbei's past, but 1400 years ago Jinbei ate the flesh of a mermaid, achieving immortality. Although his comrades in the past all died, he managed to survive. Sometime later, he joined UQ Holder. Sometime in his life he had met Shion Nagumo.


UQ Holder ArcEdit

Jinbei appears for the first time in the underground labyrinth below the UQ Holder base. As Touta and Kuroumaru end up there, walking in the dark, they face a monster in the water. Before Kuroumaru can attack it, Jinbei warns the boys, telling them that if they harm it, they'll just end up eaten by its friends. He then introduces himself as the leader of UQ Holder, much to the boys' surprise.[1]

First Mission ArcEdit

Jinbei appears with Yukihime, Makabe, and Ameya to save Touta from being taken by a military organization.


Immortality: Immortality gained through eating the flesh of a merperson is really weak. Jinbei could die by decapitation along with crushing his head or by poisoning. Mortal wounds are capable of healing, but because of the weak regeneration, it results in scars. Immortality class D.

Immense Strength and Durability: Jinbei possesses truly monstrous strength, being able to easily throw the gravity sword at 1000 times its weight, which is close to the weight of a mini-truck. He further demonstrated this by holding the sword at 50,000 times the normal weight and threw it through a building with relative ease. Later, he was shown causing severe damage to the military after throwing a broken piece of concrete at them. He can take a powerful kick from Kuroumaru and smile about it, and take a powerful punch from Touta without any ill effects despite possessing weak immortality.

Skilled Thief: Through an as of yet unknown method, Jinbei is able to steal items without anyone seeing the movement, as if what he desires appears in his hands. He has used this several times to steal items belonging to Touta and Kuroumaru, including Touta's arm and a box of sweets, much to their annoyance.

Hand to Hand Expert: Jinbei is easily able to hold his own against both Touta and Kuroumaru in a fist fight, only being surprised by Touta suddenly joining the fray.

Switcheroo (イレカエ, Irekae): Jinbei can switch two individuals' places in a radius of a 300 meters. He can also use the ability to twist apart other peoples bodies


Opponent Result
Jinbei VS Touta & Kuroumaru (Manga only) Won
Jinbei & Touta VS Nagumo (Manga only) Won
Jinbei & Gengorou VS Cutlass Won


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