Immortality is the ability to live forever; this is separate from invicibility (which is the ability to be indestructible). 

Even if one is immortal one can still die however some are unable to die.

There are different levels of immortality. Strong poison or destruction of major body parts such as the head, heart, etc can kill the immortal if the immortality is weak. If the immortality is strong then the immortal can still move the body even when the head is cut off. 

Different Forms

UQ Holder lists different ways to become immortal and different beings that are immortal.

  • gods, demons, monsters
    • vampires
      • aristocrats
  • immortality products
    • holy wine
    • miracle drugs
    • philosopher's stones
    • merperson flesh
  • cyberization/robotization
  • body modification
  • curses
  • reincarnation
  • have many lives
  • save to a set point

UQ HolderEdit

The title of the manga focuses on an organization, informally called a 'family of immortals', composed of such entities.

All members of UQ Holder possess some degree of immortality, at varying levels of strength.

Known Immortals and their form of ImmortalityEdit

  • Evangeline A.K. McDowell - Artificial Vampire - Unaging and can completely regenerate any injury
  • Touta Konoe - Magia Erebea - Unaging and completely regenerates any injury (Immortality Rank A)
  • Kuroumaru Tokisaka - Body modifications - Regenarates any injury form the base of the body and unaging (Immortality Rank B)
  • Ikkuu Ameya - Immortality through science - Cyborg body, can swap bodies if one is destroyed (Immortality Rank C)
  • Karin Yuuki - Divine curse - Unaging, can survive anything, any damage to her body will be instantly negated (Immortality Rank S)
  • Gengorou Makabe - Stock of lives - He will continue to resurrect as long as his stock remains.
  • Vasago - Unknown
  • Jinbei Shishido - Eating the flesh of a merperson - Unaging and weak regeneration
  • Negi Springfield - Magia Erebea - Unaging and completely regenerates any injury
  • Kirie Sakurame - Reset & Restart - Makes a Save Point and if killed goes back in time to that Save Point
  • Fate Averruncus - Puppet - Unaging but can be killed
  • Juuzou - Unknown
  • Dana Ananga Jagannatha - True Vampire - Unaging and completely regenerates any injury
  • Santa Sasaki - Revenant - Unaging spirit and intangible.