Honoka Konoe
Honoka Konoe
Name Honoka Konoe
Kanji 近衛 帆乃香
Romaji Konoe Honoka
Status Alive
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Konoka Konoe (Grandmother)
Setsuna Sakurazaki (Grandmother)
First Appearance Chapter 95
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Honoka Konoe (近衛 帆乃香 Konoe Honoka?) is the granddaughter of Konoka Konoe[1].


Honoka is a 12 year old girl with long black hair who greatly resembles her grandmother Konoka when she was younger. In her first appearance she is wearing a school uniform.


Honoka is a cheerful child, and far more vocal than Isana, having a similar personality to one of her grandmothers, Konoka Konoe.


Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit

Honoka appears along with Isana to capture Touta, who she refers to as Onii-sama. She manages to teleport him away from Eva and the other members of her grandparent's class and sealed him in a water prison, telling him that they would take him to Fate at the top of the tower[2]. Touta uses his power to dispel her magic and her magically conjured clothes, leaving Fate to cover her with his coat while she begged Touta to come with them under the belief that Eva planned on killing Negi to free him from the Lifemaker possession.

Relationships Edit

Isana KonoeEdit

Honoka and Isana are twin sisters who have a easygoing sibling relationship.

Abilities Edit


Armored Magic Uniform: Honoka is normally dressed in a magical school uniform that grants her some level of protection, but it is vulnerable to being destroyed by Magic Cancel.[3]


Honoka and Isana first appearance

Honoka and Isana's First Appearance

  • Honoka and Isana made their first appearances in Negima!.
  • While Isana and Honoka refer to Touta as "Onii-sama" (meaning roughly "respectful Big brother"), the honorific is not used as a indication of blood relation, but rather, a term to refer to one's elders (in English, a counterpart for such a term does not culturally exist), similar to how one could call non-family people "uncle" or "aunty".


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