Fairyland Hall
Fairyland Hall
Name Fairyland Hall
Kanji 仙境館
Romaji Senkyōkan
Located In Japan, New Tokyo
Controlled By UQ Holder

Fairyland Hall (仙境館, Senkyōkan) is a Japanese-style hot-spring resort located on an island 10km off the shore of New Tokyo. The resort is said to posses a heritage dating back to the Edo period of Japanese history (1603-1867).

While operating as a legitimate hotel and resort for V.I.P.s, the resort also acts as the headquarters of the UQ Holder organization and a haven for demons, ghosts and other non-human beings that face persecution from the outside world.


  • The Fairyland Hall is a multi-story Japanese style inn containing residential rooms and living facilities in addition to hot springs facilities, aquatic moorings and beach areas.
  • The tallest building of the complex is a pagoda-like structure that features suites reserved for the resort's most important guests. Kirie Sakurame; one of the largest financial sponsors of the UQ Holder organization, possesses a long-term suite on the building's highest floor.
  • To the rear of the facility is a concrete apartment complex where low-ranked members such as Touta Konoe and Kuroumaru Tokisaka share dormitory-style apartment units. The apartment building overlooks a small beach where members of the organization like to lounge.

Underground CavernsEdit

Accessed via a sealed well within the hall's confines, the entire complex is built above a cavern system that contains awning catacombs and monster-infested ruins. The organization seems to use the caverns to keep monsters and beasts that have run rampant on Earth since the integration of the Magic World. They also use the underworld as a "proving ground" for new recruits, which involves a challenge for new recruits to find a way out of the caverns without being eaten within 8 years. The test doubles as an effective way to "clear" the caverns.



  • Amongst the ruins within the underground caverns are the remnants of Albireo's Resort and what is suspected to be part of the underground catacombs of Library Island.
  • While staying at the inn, Touta and Kuroumaru share a bunked apartment unit for three people.
  • In order to earn his keep while staying at the hall, Touta works as a cleaner for the inn; earning a salary of 200 yen per hour.
  • During his test, it took Ikkuu Ameya 4 months to clear out the caverns. It took Touta and Kuroumaru a month and a half with Jinbei's training.
  • Jinbei Shishido spent two years in the caverns after being dropped down there by Yukihime as part of a joke she later forgot.
  • The urban legend of the hotspring has resemblances with the legend of the forbidden annex from Love Hina, another manga written by Ken Akamatsu.