The Rules of the Academy City
Chapter 44
Name The Rules of the Academy City
Kanji 学園都市のルール
Rōmaji Gakuen Toshi no Rūru
Chapter 44
Release Date July 30th, 2014
Volume 5
Arc Investigation arc
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The Rules of the Academy City is the 44th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta and others enter the private boarding school.


Coming for lunch

Touta and Kuroumaru see students running for lunch

Being introduced to their classmates as new students, Touta and Kuroumaru are later seen playing basketball. After Kuroumaru scores, Touta warns him that they shouldn't stand out. However, he then praises Kuroumaru for his physical abilities, not using Chi. The two soon hear a signal for lunch time. Much to their surprise, they witness other students rushing after the food and Karin, approaching the two with Ikkuu, reveals that it has been like this for a hundred years.

Touta wonders how Karin managed to get all the food and after Karin refuses to reveal the trick, they head to sit near a big staircase. The group then learns that Karin used to attend this school during another undercover mission which has never been resolved and twelve people died, most likely thanks to actions of an immortal. This time around, there are already two victims and Karin insists that they find the killer, however, before she finishes speaking, they are approached by two students.

Touta breaks free

Touta breaks free from the ice magic

One of them, Michiel, calls them a second-rate students, telling them that this place is reserved for first-rate ones. He then calls them non-wielders and belittles them further, but Karin steps in, introducing herself and stating that she knows nothing of such rule. Michiel states that it's a custom. Touta then exclaims that he won't let them get away when they are disrespecting people and challenges him to a duel. Michiel starts the match with an Ice Magic spell, seemingly freezing Touta. However, Touta breaks free from the spell and strikes Michiel with his palm, claiming that this first-rate student is nothing compared to Yukihime or Fate.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Characters Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Touta Konoe  · Ikkuu Ameya  · Karin Yuuki  · Michiel
Items and Terms Chi  · Ice Magic
Locations Amano-Mihashira Academy City


  • When this chapter first came out, the title was "Infiltration".