Undercover Investigation
Chapter 43
Name Undercover Investigation
Kanji 潜入捜査
Rōmaji Sennyū Sōsa
Chapter 43
Release Date July 23th, 2014
Volume 5
Arc Investigation arc
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Undercover Investigation is the 43rd chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta and others receive a task to investigate a dangerous immortal.


Touta trains

Touta's training

Early in the morning at the beach nearby Fairyland Hall, Touta is seen practicing with his Gravity Blade. He recalls the recent events, wondering about his friends, as well as Fate Averruncus. Determined to eventually reach the Earth Mage, Touta continues his training while Karin and Kirie watch from afar.

Later, Touta barges into Yukihime's room, asking her to coach him. Surprised, Yukihime questions his former indifference to getting stronger and even though Touta confirms that it's still the case, Yukihime correctly deduces that it was Fate to change Touta's mind. After Touta asks if Fate is really evil, Yukihime explains that his version of salvation is self-righteous and chances are that UQ Holder will have to put a stop to him one day. Touta brushes that off, asking Yukihime to have Jinbei Shishido train him. Yukihime notes that other than her, the strongest member of UQ Holder is Juuzou. Replying to Touta's surprise, Yukihime explains UQ Holder's function, shocking Touta even more with the remark that this is just a Japanese branch.

Touta receives a job from Yukihime

Touta receives a job from Yukihime

After Touta expresses his joy at joining, Yukihime offers him a job, an investigation of a dangerous immortal. Touta still tries to ask a lot of question, but Yukihime claims that work comes first. Having summoned Karin and Kuroumaru as well, Yukihime explains that their job is to find the immortal, attempt to recruit him and if that fails, they are to dispose of him. Yukihime states that this is an extremely important job as a rogue immortal may cause a lot of damage to humans.

Being told to infiltrate the Amano-Mihashira Academy City in order to reach their target, the group changes to school uniforms, however, much to Touta's amusement, Kuroumaru gets a girl one. The culprit is revealed to be Karin, wanting to "protect her relationship with Yukihime", however, Kuroumaru insists that he wants to change. They are approached by Ikkuu who is using his 13-years old body to fit in with the students. They soon arrive at the academy city, surprised to be surrounded by so many students. However, unbeknownst to them, they are watched by a mysterious boy.

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