Unexpected 20-Year Reunion
Chapter 41
Name Unexpected 20-Year Reunion
Kanji 20年目の邂逅
Rōmaji 20-Nen-me no Kaikō
Chapter 41
Release Date July 9th, 2014
Volume 5
Arc Imprison Fate arc
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Unexpected 20-Year Reunion is the 41st chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Yukihime faces against Fate Averruncus.


Although Fate readies himself for battle, Yukihime tells him to calm down as she just wants to talk. Fate brushes that off and charges at her, summoning blades to attack which Yukihime blocks with her magic barrier. He continues, launching several rows of blades in a spiral manner, pushing Yukihime back, much to Touta's surprise. Yukihime praises the mage, however, she has little time for anything else as Fate begins using Stone Snake, according to Kuroumaru's description. Yukihime begins her incanation just as Karin notes that it was a mistake to lure Fate into the caves where he can control the earth spirits.

Krystalline Basilea

Yukihime's Krystalline Basilea

Yukihime then fires Nivis Casus in an attempt to deflect the Stone Snake, however, Fate catches her in surrounding rubbles, claiming that the only way to defeat true immortals is to stop their movements and then seal them away. Much to his surprise, Yukihime breaks free and activates her own Magia Erebea: Krystalline Basilea. Seeing this, Karin comments that now, Yukihime has all the surrounding field under her control.

The two continue their battle, with Yukihime casting several ice spells, taking advantage of her speed to push the mage back. They keep on clashing until both of them find themselves surrounded by their opponent's blades. Yukihime warns Fate that he's not undying and states that he lost the very moment he fell into the numbers' trap. However, Touta protests after Yukihime says that the mage can go and claims that he will fight him instead, just to be instantly stopped by Yukihime. Fate then admits his defeat and allows the immortals to question him.

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