That Time
Chapter 40
Name That Time
Kanji あの時
Rōmaji Ano Toki
Chapter 40
Release Date July 2nd, 2014
Volume 4
Arc Imprison Fate arc
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That Time is the 40th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta and others continue their plan, facing several powerful enemies.


After giving everything a bit of thought, Touta charges at Fate, who, disappointed that the boy continues to use the same tactic, parries the attack. However, Touta continuously changes the weight of his Gravity Blade in order to perform efficient strikes, much to Fate's surprise who praises the boy's mastery over the sword. Finally, with 500-ton blade, Touta manages to cause some damage.

Fate reunited with Evangeline

Fate reunited with Evangeline

Meanwhile, other numbers face their respective opponents. Kuroumaru wonders about Asura Tu's origin, while Ikkuu realizes the power of Tsukuyomi Iwai's cyborg body. Battling her opponent as well, Karin suddenly notices a timer on Kirie's hand and notifies Touta about it, who, in the midst of the battle, realizes that Kirie hasn't given up yet and keeps on fighting, provoking Fate to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Fate responds to his request and Touta learns of his immense power, first hand. In spite of trying to defend himself, Touta is eventually grabbed by Fate who attempts to turn him into stone. Much to his surprise, Touta takes advantage of his Gravity Blade and has everyone assemble, with Kirie activating her ability. Fate ends up being transported and finds himself before his former comrade, Evangeline.

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