Return of the Creepy Assassin!
Chapter 34
Name Return of the Creepy Assassin!
Kanji キモ刺客、再び!
Rōmaji Kimo Shikaku, Futatabi!
Chapter 34
Release Date May 14th, 2014
Volume 4
Arc Imprison Fate arc
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Return of the Creepy Assassin! is the 34th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta battles Xinzqai Chao, the assassin coming after Kirie.


Touta and Xinzqai clash

Touta and Xinzqai clash

As Touta smiles at Kirie, saying that he took out the attacker, Kirie acknowledges it, stating that she will stop calling Touta incompetent. Touta questions the assassin's motive for attacking a child, however, at that moment, they notice he has disappeared and begun and assault from above. Touta parries the attack with his Gravity Blade, however, Xinzqai takes out his own weapon and aims for Kirie's neck, just to be kicked away by Touta. Touta then proceeds attacking with his Gravity Blade's weigth increased 100-fold, however, Xinzqai quickly regains his posture and throws several blades, forcing Touta to shield Kirie with his own body.

Touta threatens Xinzqai

Xinzqai threatened by Touta

Paying no attention to his injuries, Touta, now with his sword weighing 1000 times more, proceeds slicing through concrete in an attempt to hit the assassin, however, Xinzquai manages to dodge all the attacks and strikes himself, ultimately taking Touta's eye. The boy ignores this and charges at Xinzqai, managing to pin him down. The boy questions the assassin's identity and Xinzqai smiles, acknowledging the boy who took Kaito and Nagumo down. Touta threatens him, stating that he may lose his head if he doesn't answer properly and Xinzqai introduces himself, revealing that he was the one to fight Karin before.

Ikkuu massacres Xinzqai

Ikkuu massacres Xinzqai

After learning that Xinzqai is targeting Kirie out of curiosity, Touta questions the group's previous means of escape and the assassin reveals his ability to move through shadows, eventually getting hold of Kirie. Xinzqai grins, calling Touta naive and stating that the girl he is about to kill is an immortal monster. However, before he can do so, he is approached by Ikkuu Ameya who tells him not to touch their "little princess" and proceeds attacking the assassin with his mechanical fists, finishing it with a laser beam coming out of Ikkuu's eye.

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