OK to Reset!
Chapter 33
Name OK to Reset!
Kanji リセットOK!
Rōmaji Risetto OK!
Chapter 33
Release Date May 7th, 2014
Volume 4
Arc Imprison Fate arc
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OK to Reset! is the 33rd chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta learns of the power of Kirie Sakurame's Immortality to go back in time.


Touta's shock

Touta travels back in time

As Kirie, having been attacked, falls down critically injured, Touta panics, looking for the cause of the situation. Kirie asks Touta to take her hand and after doing so, he scolds her for closing her eyes. At that moment, Touta finds himself back at the UQ Holder HQ. Confused, he claims that to be a dream, much to Kirie's annoyance, who then reveals this to be the ability of her immortality - Reset & Restart. Kirie explains that as long as the fire on the save point is burning, upon her death, she returns to that point in time. She has to deal with an enthusiastic Touta, who wonders if this is magic, however, Kirie states that it's a unique ability that cannot be learnt. Kirie then proceeds stepping on Touta for being unable to save her six times as dying still hurts.

Touta and Kirie talk

Touta and Kirie discuss the events

Now on the ship, Touta attemps to act the same way as before, having been told by Kirie to repeat everything he said back then. This is proven to be impossible as Touta starts talking about things he isn't supposed to know about and Kirie has to make him quiet. As they arrive, Kuroumaru and Ikkuu Ameya once again leave Touta and Kirie on their own, with the boy wondering whether they should request them for a back up. However, Kirie argues that she has to act as closely to the last time as possible in order to accomplish her goal. Kirie once again notes that thanks to Touta, she has failed six times and Touta asks why she hasn't brought him back in time until now. An annoyed Kirie reveals that everytime, Touta would just run off.

Fate appears

The true enemy of UQ Holder

Kirie then proceeds explaining that she has to meet a certain man who is coming down to Earth for the first time in 30 years. She reveals that, once a friend and a rival of Negi Springfield, this man is a true enemy of UQ Holder and the greatest wizard in the solar system. Meanwhile, the person in question, Fate Averruncus, is seen receiving a call about a certain boy. At the same time, Touta questions this new information and asks about his grandfather, however, Kirie insists that they focus on their goal. Suddenly, the attacker appears, but this time, Touta takes him out with a kick, receiving some praise from the slightly confused Kirie.

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