I Thought We Could Be Friends
Stage 3
Name I Thought We Could Be Friends
Kanji 仲良くできると思った
Rōmaji Nakayoku Dekiru to Omotta
Chapter 3
Release Date September 11th, 2013
Volume 1
Arc UQ Holder arc
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I Thought We Could Be Friends is the 3rd chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta meets up with Kuroumaru Tokisaka, someone he wants to befriend. However, Kuroumaru's job stands in the way of this goal.


As they continue their travels, Touta complains to Yukihime that their destination doesn't seem to get any closer. Yukihime claims that they traveling by foot is the reason, and when Touta questions this, she asks him if he prefers the risk of getting attacked by bounty hunters in public transport. Touta regains his spirit, wanting to make as many friends as possible while recalling about Shinobu. However, Yukihime tells him to give it up as they are immortal, but Touta doesn't seem to mind it and decides to head to a nerby waterfall in order to take a bath.

Touta 'meets' Kuroumaru

A fateful encounter?

While swimming, Touta realizes that even though his friends grow up, he stays the same. Unbeknownst to him, there is another person, Kuroumaru Tokisaka in the water and at that moment, Touta bumps into him. Unintentionally, he gropes the person's behind, much to the latter's surprise, who grabs his sword and attacks Touta. Touta apologizes, thinking of the person as a female, however, he attacks Touta again for this statement.

Later, Touta apologizes yet again, making Kuroumaru blush as Touta states that he has a pretty face. Touta then attempts to make it up, but Kuroumaru still cannot let the groping accident slide. However, after Touta talks about the capital and country-side, they shake their hands, introducing themselves to each other. Touta then checks Kuroumaru's face and questions his gender again, much to Kuroumaru's annoyance. Afterwards, Kuromaru reveals that he's from the top of the tower, prompting Touta to ask him to be his friend. He reveals his promise to Kuroumaru, who praises him for it.

Kuroumaru ready to attack

Kuroumaru ready to attack

Some time later, Kuroumaru tells Touta about his job to find Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Touta carelessly revals her to be his companion and Kuroumaru notices that there's no reflection of Touta in the glass. Kuroumaru explains his true job as an exorcist and in spite of Touta's words, he attacks him. However, his attack is stopped by Yukihime who, despite Touta's protests, wastes no time and stabs Kuroumaru using her hand.

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