Karin in Crisis
Chapter 26
Name Karin in Crisis
Kanji 夏凛の危機
Rōmaji Karin no Kiki
Chapter 26
Release Date March 12th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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Karin in Crisis is the 26th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, in spite of initially intending to retreat, Shion Nagumo rushes back to battle just to be intercepted by Karin.


Sulky Touta

Sulky Touta

While Shion expresses his surprise that Touta has beaten one of his aces without the use of Magia Erebea, Karin notes that she will deduct the repair costs for the buildings from the boy's pay. Meanwhile, Touta is sulking, thinking that he didn't win with his own power. Kaito states that it was one of his powers and proceeds asking Touta to kill him, angering the boy one more time who declares that he won't do so. Shion then comes down to pick Kaito up and in spite of Touta's protests, the two are about to leave, having done what they were paid for.

Shion's way of life

Shion's way of life

Before they depart, Shion praises Touta for finding an answer with his own answer and when Touta questions this remark, Shion reveals that there are, in fact, 3 tricks to the Instant Movement Technique, the third one being to "return the power to the earth" after making the contact with the ground again. Shion then asks whether a true man should live according to the rules of the Instant Movement, but Touta brushes him off, saying that someone like Shion shouldn't talk about that. However, at that moment, Shion gets a call. Karin and Touta watch as he talks to a certain someone, until he lets go of Kaito and apologizes to the two, saying that he has to do some overtime.

Karin gets transported

Karin ends up transported to the Moon

Suddenly, Shion appears right next to Touta, with the boy realizing that this isn't Instant Movement. While Shion readies his Super Electromagnetic Draw, Karin pushes Touta out of the way and blocks Shion's Early Summer Rain Slash. The Immortal Hunter recognizes Karin's immortality as "a god's curse" and Karin confirms it, telling him to give up as no person can harm her. She also states this is a bad match-up for Shion due to the nature of his abilities. The Immortal Hunter smirks just as Karin rushes to him, with Shion barely dodging her blade. They continue clashing until Karin successfully lands a hit with her hammer, disabling Shion's hand and blade. While cheered on by Touta, she goes for the final hit, however, Shion takes out an unknown item and while dodging Karin's attacks, he activates it, causing Karin to disappear. She lands at unknown location and, not being able to breathe, she soon realizes that this is the Moon.

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Characters Karin Yuuki  · Shion Nagumo  · Touta Konoe  · Kaito
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