I Have No Choice
Chapter 19
Name I Have No Choice
Kanji やるしかない
Rōmaji Yaru Shika Nai
Chapter 19
Release Date January 22nd, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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I Have No Choice is the 19th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Kuroumaru Tokisaka attempts to battle the attackers in order to protect Touta and the children.


Kuroumaru cutting off Kaito's arm

Kuroumaru cuts Kaito's arm off

Ready in his battle stance, Kuroumaru evaluates his opponents. Even though he finds himself standing against a martial artist from the Werewolf Tribe and a blind swordsman, Kuroumaru decides to fight as he's the only one left now. Just as he expresses his desire to make his presence there meaningful by protecting Touta and the children, the two make their move. However, Kuroumaru is capable of counter-attacking. They continue exchanging blows until they pause for a bit and while Kuroumaru hopes to heal quickly, his opponents praise him. The battle continues and even though Kuroumaru suffers a critical injury, having his arm cut off as well, he keeps on fighting, wishing to protect with his sword. Holding it with his mouth, Kuroumaru cuts off Kaito's limb while grabbing his own arm, intending to reattach it.

Kaito's Instant Movement

Kaito readies his Instant Movement

Meanwhile, Ruki tries to wake Touta up, knowing that Kuroumaru is in trouble, in spite of his amazing performance. Touta is able to hear his voice, although it seems like he cannot move at all. At the same time, Kaito is surprised, having lost his arm. However, he reveals that all it takes to beat Kuroumaru is having to attack him faster and harder than he can regenerate. Kaito apologizes to his companion, Nagumo, asking him to stay away from the battle. Nagumo calls it an another immature request just as Kaito tells Kuroumaru that he will show him what a real Instant Movement is. While both Kuroumaru and Kaito get ready for the exchange, Touta, knowing that Kuroumaru is in danger, despairs for not being able to move.

Kuroumaru defeated

Ruki sees a defeated Kuroumaru

At that moment, Kaito appears past Kuroumaru who is unable to see the attack at all and falls to the Werewolf's claws. As Kaito continues attacking him, Kuroumaru recalls Karin's words about him hating the sword and Karin's recommendation to choose the female gender. Kaito then hits Kuroumaru, splitting his body into two parts. His upper part falls near to Ruki and Touta. While the little boy asks Kuroumaru whether he is alright, the heavily injured Immortal apologizes.

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