Bind Ivy
Bind Ivy
Kanji 拘束する蔦 (バインド・アイヴィー)
Rōmaji Kōsoku suru Tsuta (Baindo Aivī)
Type Magic App
Known Users Tachibana, Nowa, Tooru Mitsuhashi
Purpose Movement Restriction
Debut Chapter 1
Episode 1

Bind Ivy (拘束する蔦 (バインド・アイヴィー) , Baindo Aivī) is a Magic spell shown to be utilized through the Magic Apps.


With the use of a Magic App, the users are capable of summoning a magical ivy to surround and bind the target. This spell can be amplified if there are more users casting it at the same time. The Double Shot (二倍弾 (ダブルショット) , Daburu Shotto) version of this spell used by Touta's friends[1] was enough to completely restrict Yukihime's movements for a while, and although she was able to eventually break free, Tachibana described it as "the highest grade binding spell he could find".[2][3]


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