Anti-Magic Weaponry
Anti-Magic Weaponry
Type Industrial Technology
Known Users Powerful Hand
Purpose Anti-Magic Warfare

Anti-Magic Weaponry is weaponry built in order to fight against mages.[1]


Anti-Magic unit

An anti-magic unit equipped for battle

This weaponry consists of various technology meant for subduing mages and immortals, such as arms with bullets allowing to restrict the movement, swords and armors, air force and tanks or robots meant to defend against and battle the aforementioned. Such equipment is common for private armies, as explained by Shion Nagumo. However, the effectivity of this weaponry is debatable as, while an outnumbered Touta was captured with the use of such equipment, Yukihime was capable of effortlessly taking down several anti-magi machines and Ikkuu Ameya went as far as to belittle the newest anti-magic model, something described to be a top of Japanese industrial technology by the army's commander, as something with thin armor.[2][3]


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