Heaven's Pillar
The tower
Name Heaven's Pillar
Kanji 天の柱
Romaji Ten'nohashira
Located In Japan, New Tokyo
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Amano-Mihashira Orbital Elevator, also known as Heaven's Pillar, is a space elevator located in New Tokyo. Designed as a method of traveling off planet, the pillar is a prominent feature of New Tokyo and can be seen from far away, even from Touta's hometown, Touno village, on the southern island of Japan.[1]

Located in the center of New Tokyo Bay, the elevator serves as the travel hub between the Far East and Outer Space and also hosts the New Tokyo's fishing ports. The pillar's hub is built upon a double-decker structure; with city buildings built within the bottom structure and the top. Presumably, due to the bottom structure being at water level, the majority of the hub's port and fishing industries are located on the bottom level.

The hub's upper level contains the pillar's gates, from which passengers may enter the pillar to travel to and from planet.




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